Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Therapy Letter

September 22, 2009

Yesenia Estrada
3662 Van Dyke Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105

I love the music therapy program at Lindsay Community School. My daughter has gone to music therapy for almost a year. Music therapy really helped my daughter’s communication skills progress. I would recommend this program to all the mothers who have kids who are younger than three years old.
It’s worth spending your time in music therapy with your child for many reasons. When you spend time in music therapy, you and your child learn from it a lot, more than you think. This program benefits your child’s life. This class has improved my child’s development. Every time when my daughter sees the image of a fish in the streets, she tells me to sing to her a song named “Fishes.” I think music therapy really affected my relationship with my daughter a lot. I see her more often and we sing together. She enjoys it and I love it. The way I would describe how my daughter feels is happy and excited when we sing together. There are times when my daughter feels not so good to go to school, so I start to sing to her a song named “Hello How Are You” and she gets in the mood of wanting to go to school. Now that my daughter goes to Head Start, she likes to sing songs in class with all the other kids in her class. There is no other program like music therapy that really helps your child develop like this one. Music therapy also helps them to learn how to share and get along with other kids. I would like to see the program continue for years.

Yesenia Estrada
Teen Mother
Lindsay Community School

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