Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Therapy Letter

September 22, 2009

Yesenia Estrada
3662 Van Dyke Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105

I love the music therapy program at Lindsay Community School. My daughter has gone to music therapy for almost a year. Music therapy really helped my daughter’s communication skills progress. I would recommend this program to all the mothers who have kids who are younger than three years old.
It’s worth spending your time in music therapy with your child for many reasons. When you spend time in music therapy, you and your child learn from it a lot, more than you think. This program benefits your child’s life. This class has improved my child’s development. Every time when my daughter sees the image of a fish in the streets, she tells me to sing to her a song named “Fishes.” I think music therapy really affected my relationship with my daughter a lot. I see her more often and we sing together. She enjoys it and I love it. The way I would describe how my daughter feels is happy and excited when we sing together. There are times when my daughter feels not so good to go to school, so I start to sing to her a song named “Hello How Are You” and she gets in the mood of wanting to go to school. Now that my daughter goes to Head Start, she likes to sing songs in class with all the other kids in her class. There is no other program like music therapy that really helps your child develop like this one. Music therapy also helps them to learn how to share and get along with other kids. I would like to see the program continue for years.

Yesenia Estrada
Teen Mother
Lindsay Community School

Friday, September 25, 2009

Teen Power and Control/Domestic Violence

Anger/Emotional Abuse is one of the common ones in teen mothers. I would say that many girls are involved in these relationshps because maybe the boyfriend she has wants to control her. By putting her down with disrespectful words. Man like that are not worth your precious time. Man tend to feel a woman feel bad about what her physical looks or calling her names. I was a victim of emotional abuse. I remember I use to be in a relationship like that with my babydad. We would always call each other all kinds of names. Without carring to hurt each others feelings. Now that I remember I think that he was always trying to make me feel bad putting me down with all name calling. When him and me always finished calling each other names on the phone after we hung up I would start to cry. Each one of those words he would tell me I would remember. Up to this day I still remember some of the words he would call me. Now I'm glad I got over him. Never let a man put you down.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Supremacy Clause Opinions

1)Most white people didn't like to be fair with the Native Americans. Thomas Jefferson was the only one to like Native Americans. The promise that Thomas Jefferson said in the quote was not kept, because the other white people didn't let the Indians get their own chunk of land.

2)The white people forced the Cherokees to become a religion they didn't want. The whites didn't care about what the Cherokees thought so they did what they wanted with them. Cherokees suffered in the cold weather and without clothing or blankets. There were even mothers caring their child's dead body in their arms.

3)Indians had lost ninety million acres of reservation land. The Dawes Severalty Act caused Indians to lose the majority of their reservation lands.

4)Captain Jack and his troops fought the U.S. men. They were forced onto a reservation Oregon to live with old tribal enemies who continued to torment them. Their request to be given a place to live in their homeland was denied by the government soldiers over and over again with his superior military tactics.

5)The Supremacy Clause is that they wanted their land. The white people wouldn't want to give them nothing. Andrew Jackson took away the land and resources oil and crops.

6)I think Iwould follow there orders. I would think about killing myself before dying in the frozen weather with my children. Why do that? I'll stay strong and watchover my children because they'll neeed me even more in those hard times.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

!Obama's Great Speech!

1)There was a lot of things Obama said that made me think different. What I liked more about what he said was "No one has written your destiny! Your the one who makes your own destiny!" Those words touched me, because that is so true. No one forces you to make things you don't want to.

2)Commit= to dedicate time to your studding.

Future=the time after the present.

Don't give up=to give the best of you.

3)Yes, Obama is inspiring me to do something big in my life. It makes me think that I really want to be someone big in life. Give my daughter the best I can and show her that school is the way to !SUCCESS! I would think that the challenge would be to go to college. Because how would I afford to go to college. Especially if your a single mother.

4)It means a lot to me. I've always thought that "the choice I make today will affect the rest of my life." I have done many choices that really haven't been the best. Life gives you lots of lessons that could be sad or happy, but never give up on what you really want to achieve. Remember your the only one who makes your own destiny.

5)My contribution would be to help people who are immigrants of this country. I think that immigrants deserve the same rights that a citizen of this country has. It's sad to know that there are many immigrants in this country that don't even now how hard life is in the U.S.A.People from other countries think that the U.S.A is rich and full of gold. Not even one fourth of this country is filled with love or happiness. Even though no ever helps you never expect nothing back.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Goals for This Semester

1)I want to finish my Economic book and start on the Government book. By Oct 23 I expect myself to be finished with both of the books.
2)Start working more on History I just need one more credit to be done with it. Also Science which I really don't like. I really have to concentrate on school work hard to graduate.

1)Be a better person today so that tomorrow I could be successful in life with my beautiful Eboni!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Words Alive Discussion/Piece of Cake Memoir

Yesterday that we had the discussion of Piece of Cake I enjoyed everything. I was the facilitator of the discussion. When we first started the discussion I was so nervous. Then I started getting involved with all the ladies in the group. The discussion was about how hard it was for Cupcake the protagonist of the book to not have someone by her side to love her. Cupcake had a life of prostitution, used drugs and gang member. When I started reading the book I couldn't believe everything Cupcake was going through so young at 11 years old. That's when the terror started in her life. To tell you the truth I recommend this book to everyone. What I learned is that life is not too easy for other people. I think I'll never understand why life is so hard on humans.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Piece of Cake Memoir in my Opinion

Question number three is the one I'm going to answer.

She realized that everything she did in her life was regret. She wrote the novel so that people would've read her life and not do the same mistakes she did. She is revealing everything she went through in her life.